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Generic Drugs Odirab Foreign Pharmacies | Odirab Buy Cheap Discount

Brand: Pariet | United Kingdom | Mfg: Janssen-Ortho

Pariet 84 x 10mg tablet$123.48
Pariet 168 x 10mg tablet$246.96
Pariet 252 x 10mg tablet$370.44
Pariet 336 x 10mg tablet$493.92
Pariet 420 x 10mg tablet$617.40
Pariet 504 x 10mg tablet$740.88
Pariet 588 x 10mg tablet$864.36
Pariet 672 x 10mg tablet$987.84

Brand: Pariet | South Africa | Mfg: Janssen-Ortho

Pariet 84 x 10mg tablet$124.36
Pariet 168 x 10mg tablet$248.72
Pariet 252 x 10mg tablet$373.08
Pariet 336 x 10mg tablet$497.44
Pariet 420 x 10mg tablet$621.80
Pariet 504 x 10mg tablet$746.16
Pariet 588 x 10mg tablet$870.52
Pariet 672 x 10mg tablet$994.88

Brand: [generic] | International Generic Program | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 90 x 10mg tablet$51.83
Generic 180 x 10mg tablet$61.19
Generic 270 x 10mg tablet$71.07
Generic 360 x 10mg tablet$80.96
Generic 450 x 10mg tablet$98.61
Generic 540 x 10mg tablet$103.84
Generic 630 x 10mg tablet$114.25
Generic 720 x 10mg tablet$124.64

Brand: [generic] | Canada | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 100 x 10mg tablet$96.32
Generic 200 x 10mg tablet$192.64
Generic 300 x 10mg tablet$288.96
Generic 400 x 10mg tablet$385.28
Generic 500 x 10mg tablet$481.60
Generic 600 x 10mg tablet$577.92
Generic 700 x 10mg tablet$674.24
Generic 800 x 10mg tablet$770.56


Generic Drugs Odirab Foreign Pharmacies | Odirab Buy Cheap Discount

Brand: Parit | World Brand | Mfg: GlaxoSmithKline

Parit 90 x 20mg tablet$121.50
Parit 180 x 20mg tablet$218.70
Parit 270 x 20mg tablet$320.40
Parit 360 x 20mg tablet$413.10
Parit 450 x 20mg tablet$486.00
Parit 540 x 20mg tablet$583.20
Parit 630 x 20mg tablet$680.40
Parit 720 x 20mg tablet$777.60
Parit 810 x 20mg tablet$874.80

Brand: Pariet | Germany | Mfg: Janssen-Ortho

Pariet 90 x 20mg tablet$155.00
Pariet 180 x 20mg tablet$303.80
Pariet 270 x 20mg tablet$455.70
Pariet 360 x 20mg tablet$607.60
Pariet 450 x 20mg tablet$751.75
Pariet 540 x 20mg tablet$902.10
Pariet 630 x 20mg tablet$1,041.60
Pariet 720 x 20mg tablet$1,190.40

Brand: Pariet | Australia | Mfg: Janssen-Ortho

Pariet 90 x 20mg tablet$179.96
Pariet 180 x 20mg tablet$359.92
Pariet 270 x 20mg tablet$539.88
Pariet 360 x 20mg tablet$719.84
Pariet 450 x 20mg tablet$899.80
Pariet 540 x 20mg tablet$1,079.76
Pariet 630 x 20mg tablet$1,259.72
Pariet 720 x 20mg tablet$1,439.68

Brand: [generic] | International Generic Program | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 100 x 20mg tablet$65.00
Generic 200 x 20mg tablet$117.00
Generic 300 x 20mg tablet$165.75
Generic 400 x 20mg tablet$208.00
Generic 500 x 20mg tablet$243.75
Generic 600 x 20mg tablet$292.50
Generic 700 x 20mg tablet$341.25
Generic 800 x 20mg tablet$390.00
Generic 900 x 20mg tablet$438.75

Brand: [generic] | Canada | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 100 x 20mg tablet$106.39
Generic 200 x 20mg tablet$212.78
Generic 300 x 20mg tablet$319.17
Generic 400 x 20mg tablet$425.56
Generic 500 x 20mg tablet$531.95
Generic 600 x 20mg tablet$638.34
Generic 700 x 20mg tablet$744.73
Generic 800 x 20mg tablet$851.12

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